About Me

Bobby D. Badboy is CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Wilderness Visions Brands, Inc. I invest, develop and monetize intellectual property.
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Brand Development

I believe that all “Great Brands begin with Great Ideas.” It begins with the domain name. I’ll start with a brandable domain name and mix in some innovative technology, add to it some remarkable products or services that solve my customer’s problems, and then I have the start of a Great Brand.

Wilderness Visions Brands, Inc.

Designing Forward for Life

Wilderness Visions Brands, Inc. owns a highly diversified portfolio of brands that consists of fashion brands and digital media ownerships that serve loyal consumer audiences and touch every segment of retail consumer consumption from the fashion markets to the niche digital media sectors. Wilderness Visions deploys innovative and creative advertising and promotions to elevate and promote its brands in the global marketplace.


Marketing & Advertising

Myself and those that work with me are committed to helping our advertisers grow their businesses online with targeted advertising and marketing campaigns that get their products or services noticed. Everything about our Advertising & Marketing Network was built purposely by our Talented & Passionate Team of professionals. I am excited for the opportunity to work with you on your business advertising and marketing needs.